3D SLA Printer Added and New Ender3 3D FDM Printer Added – Print Farm is online.

Lab16 – 3D printer Wing Added.

I added an Older SLA printer to try my hand at SLA printing.  We also added a new Ender3 3D printer to my print farm.  If you buy an Ender3 3D printer, do yourself a favor – take the power supply that comes with this printer out of the box and immediately and throw it into the nearest garbage can.  Buy yourself a new reliable power supply.  I use the  MeanWell 24 Volt Power Supply (Amazon.com) and save your house from burning to the ground.  The Ender3 is a great little printer.  The power supply that comes with it, however, is a fire hazard and should be thrown away immediately.  Yes…the Meanwell Power Supply is expensive and is almost half the cost of the actual printer. – Buy it…The one that comes with the Ender3 will burn your home to the ground!