3D printed Parts for Plexiglass Cage Complete

I finished printing the parts for the plexiglass cage that will surround the printer.  The plexiglass cage will provide a thermal barrier so ABS 3D printing will be enhanced.  This should eliminate any cracking or splitting of the 3D models as they are printed.  I am working on building a temperature controller to monitor and control the temperature inside the plexiglass environment.

Wanted to thank Greg again for giving me the push I needed to start this project.  🙂


3D Printer Table Completed!

Equipment is starting to show up. I built the 3D printer table this week and it is now complete.   It’s rock solid and should provide a good space for the 3D printer.  I’d like to thank my friends Greg and Bill – Without them, none of this would be possible.  Thanks, Guys.


Hello World – Laboratory 16 Online

My name is Robert – my background is in Electrical Engineering / Nuclear Engineering / IoT Inventor & Maker.

R&D of platinum nanoparticles in fuel cell technology specifically for power generation in small DC machines – fascinates me endlessly.

I started Laboratory16.com just as an easy way to keep track of the various projects I am currently working on.

Most of the Lab has restricted access and those areas are used primarily to document the various projects I have going providing connectivity between mobile computing platforms.

Feel free to look around. I’ll continue to unlock the various areas as projects complete.  Enjoy!