Foam Products


Box of 60 Pieces – Price: 39.99 


Adhesive Backed Blue Memory Foam 

These little guys measure  3″W x 5″L x 1/4″H (7.62cm x 12.7cm x 0.64cm) and the adhesive backing VERY sticky.  The adhesive is made by 3M Corporation so its high quality.  The foam itself is very high-quality soft blue memory foam. We decided to box these in lots of 60 and ship in a Medium Sized Flat Rate Box from the United States Post office.

Have a brother or sister gone crazy? Need a padded room?  Need it now? We got you covered!   I have 12,960 of them in stock at the time of this post.  Want all of them?  Email us! We will cut you a deal of a lifetime!

In the meantime, we will continue to sell these 60 pieces at a time until they sell out.  Great for CosPlay and the like!  Whack!!! Keep hitting your head on the same rafter in your house?  Why not put some padding on it!   They really are quite handy to have around!