#Clients Have Admin Access when they should not!


Client Workstations/Users have administrator access to a server when they should not.

At my job, we recently had an issue permissions. Every computer user on our network had admin access – not good! Client workstations were granted administrator access accidently when doing maintenance on our network. Our computer users are all standard “domain-users” were NOT admins on the network. This is what we discovered and how we solved this problem:

Microsoft now has now added something called Windows Credential Manager built into the Windows 10 OS. An Admin password was typed in on several client workstation computers (when we were troubleshooting another issue)…when our domain controller was not available. So that’s how this event happened…an admin logged into a client machine when the domain controller was unreachable. Well doing this sparked a series of unfortunate events. ..with the domain controller not being able to be contacted…The Admin password was STORED in the windows 10 credential manager….SO that is what was giving the various client computer “admin” access”. Making it appear that something was wrong with Active Directory…when the main issue was Windows Credential Manager.


You need to delete the admin credentials and password held in Windows 10 Credentials Manager and the problem will be solved!

On the client workstation:

Open control panel

Open credentials manager

Select the  Windows credentials Tab

Delete the Admin Accounts that you see that do not belong and this will solve the issue.

POOF there it was staring us in the face…and ADMIN ACCOUNT AND PASSWORD – granting access to the entire file server….I never even heard of Windows Credential Manager before….so I would not have even known to look for it….it took 6 hours for my us to figure this out.

When did Microsoft “slip” that into the OS?   And why…why is it PERSISTENT?  Even when we logged out of the client machines and the client machines were rebooted….that credential manager HELD the admin password account info and granted full access to our file server. This problem was very hard to find and I hope us posting it here helps if you are going through the same issue.

High Performance Carbon Fiber HTPLA-CF

High Performance Carbon Fiber HTPLA-CF combines engineering-grade performance with the ease and environmental-friendliness of PLA printing.  HTPLA 3D Printable Carbon Fiber, is a “super-material”.  Why is this material “the best”?
Compared to ABS, PET, and similar Polyester materials, HTPLA-CF has:
  • Easier and more reliable printing
    • No heated bed required
    • Lower processing temperatures, like standard PLA
    • Less warping and distortion when processing
  • More temperature resistance* for maintaining properties to higher temperatures
    • Most ABS, PET, and Polyesters get soft at 80C +/- 10C
    • HTPLA-CF maintains properties up to 120C or more (*when heat treated)
  • Higher strength and better strength-to-weight ratio for stronger parts with less material 
  • Improved surface hardness for less wear in abrasive environments
  • Less shrinkage and distortion for more accurate parts
  • Higher stiffness so parts hold their shape
  • Renewable biopolymer with low odor
  • Highly desirable black finish 
  • Improved toughness for less breaking when handling and easier processing
  • Higher HDT when heat treated for maintaining properties to higher temperatures.
  • Improved surface hardness for less wear in abrasive environments
  • Less shrinkage and distortion for more accurate parts

HTPLA-CF is based on  High Performance HTPLA v2.0, so it prints easily and can be heat treated for higher temperature performance with a potential Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT) in excess of 140C (285F) depending on processing. We had good results when heat treating in an oven at 110C (225F) for an hour. We recommend leaving the supports on your parts, placing them on a non-radiating surface (like glass, ceramic, or composite), and letting them cool in the oven to minimize distortion. Parts must be baked above 60C for any crystallization to occur.

  • Available in 1.75 & 2.85 (3) mm diameter
  • 500g 8″ diameter spool only

B9 Robot Builders Club – Official Claw Vendor for the Club! :-)

I am the official “Robot Claw” Vendor to the B9 Robot Builders Club.

 Finished Claw

 Claw Kit – Everything you need for your B9 Robot Build!


Here are some links to the B9 Robot Builder Website and a direct link to my Vendor Page at the club.

B9 Robot Builders Club HomePage

My Vendor Page at the B9 Robot Builders Club

If you would like a B9 Robot Claw Kit please email me at Davros.Dalek@Gmail.com


3D SLA Printer Added and New Ender3 3D FDM Printer Added – Print Farm is online.

Lab16 – 3D printer Wing Added.

I added an Older SLA printer to try my hand at SLA printing.  We also added a new Ender3 3D printer to my print farm.  If you buy an Ender3 3D printer, do yourself a favor – take the power supply that comes with this printer out of the box and immediately and throw it into the nearest garbage can.  Buy yourself a new reliable power supply.  I use the  MeanWell 24 Volt Power Supply (Amazon.com) and save your house from burning to the ground.  The Ender3 is a great little printer.  The power supply that comes with it, however, is a fire hazard and should be thrown away immediately.  Yes…the Meanwell Power Supply is expensive and is almost half the cost of the actual printer. – Buy it…The one that comes with the Ender3 will burn your home to the ground!


3D printed Parts for Plexiglass Cage Complete

I finished printing the parts for the plexiglass cage that will surround the printer.  The plexiglass cage will provide a thermal barrier so ABS 3D printing will be enhanced.  This should eliminate any cracking or splitting of the 3D models as they are printed.  I am working on building a temperature controller to monitor and control the temperature inside the plexiglass environment.

Wanted to thank Greg again for giving me the push I needed to start this project.  🙂


3D Printer Table Completed!

Equipment is starting to show up. I built the 3D printer table this week and it is now complete.   It’s rock solid and should provide a good space for the 3D printer.  I’d like to thank my friends Greg and Bill – Without them, none of this would be possible.  Thanks, Guys.


Hello World – Laboratory 16 Online

My name is Robert – my background is in Electrical Engineering / Nuclear Engineering / IoT Inventor & Maker.

R&D of platinum nanoparticles in fuel cell technology specifically for power generation in small DC machines – fascinates me endlessly.

I started Laboratory16.com just as an easy way to keep track of the various projects I am currently working on.

Most of the Lab has restricted access and those areas are used primarily to document the various projects I have going providing connectivity between mobile computing platforms.

Feel free to look around. I’ll continue to unlock the various areas as projects complete.  Enjoy!