3D Printing Services

How much will my part or parts cost?  

High-Performance HTPLA CarbonFiber(Black)

We charge by the roll. The cost of the HTPLA Carbon fiber we use is $65.00/0.5kg Roll.  We have a $39.95 Service fee used to buy a place in our printer farms print queue.

The maximum size of a single object is (500mmx500mmx500mm)

Here is how it works:

Print any size object or objects till your roll runs out. We will tell you exactly how much material you will need and the size roll of material you will require before the print is started. If you are printing one large part or multiple small parts, print till your heart’s content or your roll of filament runs out!

The $39.95 service fee basically buys you the spot in the print queue. If you don’t use up all your filament roll, we will put your name on the remaining roll for any future orders and keep it here at our shop for you.

When you contact us back for a second part run, you will be charged an additional $39.95 fee to buy back into the printer queue.  Once you have the print queue spot for the job you send over,  you do not have to keep paying the $39.95 service fee for multiple parts.  That fee is only charged to get you a spot in the print farm queue. Make sense? 🙂

Your Cost = Cost of Materials + $39.95


Use the PayPal button above to begin the 3D printing process with us.  The PayPal button will charge your credit card a $39.95 service fee which gets applied toward the balance of your transaction.  This service fee starts the process of getting your print sliced and into the print queue.  It also lets us know you are a serious customer and we will respond to you as soon as we are alerted by PayPal.  Please Note:  PayPal services will show up as Davros.Dalek@gmail.com that is our official PayPal email address.

After paying the $39.95 via PayPal, simply attach your STL file to an email and send the file here:  Lab16.Science@gmail.com

Be sure to include your contact information.  Your Name, Company Name, Address, Phone Number, Email address, and of course the actual attached STL file you want to be printed.

We will review and slice your STL file.  The slicing software will generate the exact cost of materials for your specific 3D print.  It will also usually show if there are any errors hiding within the STL object.  I’ll then email you back with the exact cost of materials for your print.  You can let me know how you want the parts shipped and we will get you shipping costs added in at that time.

We will then request payment in full to get your part finalized into the print farms print queue.  When your print then enters the queue, it is on a first come first serve basis.  I try to get prints started the very same day usually within hours of receiving full payment depending on the queue length.

Things you should know about:

STL file information:

My services are based off your STL files you send.  I will look over the STL files, if something is not right with the file, I’ll immediately notify you.  If I can correct the issue simply, I will try.  If I can’t I’ll just request you resubmit the file.  In certain circumstances, I can see if the files can be scaled differently or resized accordingly, but we usually request you send us the exact file and scale ratios you want the print to be the first time.  This eliminates any confusion and you ultimately get the part you need.

What material will my parts be?

HTPLA Carbon Fiber is notoriously difficult to 3D print with and there are certain objects because of the way they were designed can cause trouble with the extruder nozzles that are used in the 3D printing process.  Certain physical movements are executed when the printer is printing which can cause the extruded filament to clog the printer nozzle and ultimately cause the print to fail.   I will do my best to print your part in the HTPLA Carbon Fiber, but there may be certain objects which just don’t lend themselves to be printed in the HTPLA Carbon Fiber material.

90% of our customers receive the High-Performance HTPLA CarbonFiber (Black). In very rare instances we sometimes we are forced to recommend a different type of HTPLA, based on the type of STL object the client sends over.  It’s a fact that some objects are just not conducive to printing in Carbon Fiber.

For those rare instances, we have another type of very strong HTPLA that can be used to assure a successful printed part and 3D printing experience.  We will always let you know if we are having trouble with your part not printing in the HTPLA Carbon Fiber Material.

I have a spec sheet on the other tough HTPLA filaments to give you the engineering specs.  We will always let you know if there were any issues printing your parts.


Why should you try our 3D printing services?  Low Price and great customer service.    

3D printing should not be expensive.  Many big companies are trying to rake makers over the coals…I have a variety of 3D printers here at Laboratory16.  I love the maker community so I wanted to give back by offering an inexpensive way for you and your family to experience economical 3D printing first hand.  I know you will love the print you receive.  I take extraordinary care of my 3D printers so they perform very well when printing all your parts.  I’ll do a great job for you and you will be happy with the parts and service you receive.

Stipulations on pricing based on STL file difficulty

*- I reserve the right to change the price based on the file sent over.  If I know the part is going to be problematic, I will inform you before we begin printing.  This normally never happens, but some prints can be brutal to print in multiples.  Some prints can only be printed piece by piece.  I will let you know ahead of time if we have trouble with your STL model.  You will never be surprised by a price increase, we will always notify you ahead of time if we are experiencing any issues with your STL file model part.  Basically, if you give us an STL file that needs to be individually printed because it’s just a hard to print file…I don’t want to be trapped down here slogging it out for eons printing one piece at a time…we will have to work something out with you so it’s mutually beneficial to both of us.  Again this is very rare and we will let you know how the print is going before any price increase is ever made.